I always have a few books by my bedside… In fact, I usually have some by my bedside, a couple on the coffee table, one in my purse and one lingering next to the tub (my favorite place in the world to read).

As this resource grows along with us, I will continually add newly discovered (or rediscovered) books at the top of this list. Just start at the top and work on down.


Here is what we are reading these days…

I picked this up for inspiration – it is pure eye candy. There is a sweet little sweater I’m hoping to make for myself after a bit more learning.




This has been my go-to book for crochet information. I know, it’s a little embarrassing, but I’m learning and that’s all that matters. I only have a copy from the library at the moment, but I think I may need to track down a used copy to keep for reference.



A shameless romantic historical fiction. I just love ’em. I can’t help myself.




A modern classic written for the 10-14 year old crowd, but an interesting read for all. Made me reflect deeply about how our children need to be exposed to the wild around us.




A coworker of my husband passed this on to us when he heard that we were considering raising chickens in the future. Lots of very practical information and how-to’s about all sorts of things.




This book has been a great source of reassurance as we move forward simplifying our household. Great information for all parents interested in a quieter home and happier kids.




I secretly, or not so secretly, really, really want to homeschool my little ones. Although we have decided as a family that they will be completing their current school year in our local public school, I am making it my mission to learn all that I can about all the different paths homeschooling families take. This was a quick and interesting read.


I just started this book and am eager to get to the section that promises to give an overview of a week in the life of several different types of homeschooling families. So far the message has been, relax, it takes time to figure this all out. (Whew!)



I have to have something fun to read too! I love a good crime fiction and so far this one hasn’t disappointed. Since I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo I have been fascinated with Sweden. This book takes place there, in the dead of winter. Cold, spooky… Love it! {It slowed way down in the middle and was tough to finish. Alas.}



This is absolutely one of my favorite children’s books. The illustrations are whimsical and stick with me every time I read it. I just found it in our library basket and I was reminded of how much I enjoy it. Silly good fun!




A beautifully illustrated picture book. My children were fascinated with the images as very, very young people. I love it as much or more than they do.. It’s about photography!


2 thoughts on “reading”

  1. I just got Simplicity Parenting from the library and so far am loving it! Thanks for the recommendation….I would love to hear more about your family’s favorite children’s books…we could use some new inspiration!

    • Hello Jaclyn, I’m sorry that it has taken me couple of days to get back to you. I’m still learning about all this blogging stuff and your comment got filed under spam. But I found you! I’m looking into a good way to share all the reading that we do here. The material Eric and I use as resources, the books just for fun and the children’s favorites. Keep checking back… I think I almost have it figured out! All the best ~ C

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