me & us

photo-2 copyI am many things. I am Mama to four amazing children, learning from each of them so many lessons. I am a provider, working full-time managing a local independent coffee shop. I am a creative spirit with a deep love of photography and beautiful yarn. I am a seeker of wellness, always searching for the best food to fill our bellies. I am a lover and a wife. My husband Eric and I have been married for twelve thirteen fourteen years and love each other intensely.

My intention, my soul’s work, is to give my children the gift of a gentle childhood filled with laughter, play and learning. My dearest hope is that they grow up and remain forever connected to each other and to their parents and to their world.

I want them to know how deeply they are loved.

photo-2Somewhere, in the midst of growing and birthing and nurturing my babies, moving from Michigan to Virginia, and taking on a full-time job, I got lost. We got lost. We lost sight of what we once truly valued. We drifted away from one other and from our connection to the simple joy of our amazing and abundant life. My husband and I had conflicting work schedules, there was stuff all over the house, the kids kept themselves occupied in front of the TV. There was no joy.

I’m not sure exactly what made us rethink our lifestyle. Maybe it was a quiet conversation whispered in the dark, maybe it was our longing to be in nature, maybe it was hidden in a silly smile or in the warmth of a small hand. It was subtle and quiet at first. We were unsure. Not anymore. We are changed.

photo-2We have rediscovered gratitude and happiness. We have regained our purpose and our passion. There is music again. We are forever on this journey to intentionally simplify our lives. What really matters, our family, our happiness, our ability to thrive regardless of circumstance, is now our mission. We breathe this mission. We gobble it up. We are inspired by it.

This space, Less & More, is where I come to process. To unravel the experiences of this life we live, to think, to wonder, to meditate. This space is safe. This space is sacred. This space is my retreat for thought and for connection.

Connection with myself and connection with you.

I’m so glad you’ve joined me. Welcome.



2 thoughts on “me & us”

  1. creative pixie said:

    Hi Corey – What a lovely blog with fantastic photos. I’ll call back again.

  2. Awesome and thank you. My wife sent me this and I appreciate your words. Good luck to you on your journey!! We tend to be on the same path

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