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my silly girl

Usually I leave no words here on Friday — this sacred space is held for quiet meditation — but this week has been of such humbling proportion I am feeling called to offer my gratitude for so much abundance. My heart is oh, so very full.

In this moment I am…

:: so grateful for the love, patience and support my family has offered me without hesitation while I have been completely absorbed in my creative process for Cedar Tree Crochet.

:: tired in the most wonderful and satisfying of ways. Working from my heart space is new and thrilling and exhausting.

:: swept up in a swirling river of possibility. What a gift to be able to look at my life’s path with renewed hope and sincere joy in my heart.

:: open. I sit in awe of how the Universe provides. I am listening, watching, trusting.

:: enjoying hearing the distant sounds of my sweet daughter, Freja, busy at work in our art space. Creativity is becoming the foundation on which all else is built in our family. My dream, my vision, my soul’s work, is finally beginning to manifest. There is art and music and play everyday.

:: aware that there will be challenges ahead, but know deep inside that I am prepared for them. I am walking my path and will not be deterred or distracted.

:: feeling the Earth beginning to wake from her long sleep — stretching, yawning. Flowers are beginning to bloom. Yes.

:: beyond thankful for the friends that walk alongside me on this journey both new and well seasoned. I am thankful for you.

:: excited to begin a new project that feels exactly right… just as soon as I finish some serious snuggles with my sweet silly girl.

Wishing you a weekend of wonder and joy.
With gratitude,