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poke poke poke

from above

In this moment I am feeling tired and overwhelmed. It happens to all of us, I know it does. I take comfort in that knowing. However, instead of wallowing or complaining or sinking into my sorrows, I choose instead to live my life from a place of gratitude. I refuse to dwell in negativity. I am committed to celebrating the abundance in my life — all of its magic, its simple joys, its small pleasures. This life of mine is a gift to be treasured.

Tonight, as I sit here and reflect, I realize that I am grateful for so many things:

:: a warm house that provides me shelter from this cold rain

:: a belly full of delicious food grown and harvested with care

:: the silence and stillness that settles upon our household at the end of another busy day

:: all of the furry creatures that love me — dogs, cats and rodents alike

:: the restored health of my babies now that the flu has passed, finally

:: the beautiful yarn that slides through my fingers as I crochet a gift for a small new life just beginning its journey

:: a life partner who cares and cleans and cooks out of love, not obligation

:: the small bits of color that find their way to the surface despite these long gray winter days

:: my children who find the color when I cannot

:: a job that, however exhausting physically or emotionally, allows us to build toward our dream

:: friends that know exactly what I need to hear

:: quiet, soulful music that lightens my spirit and renews my soul

:: my husband’s well-worn fleece that always smells of him and of the outdoors

:: the anticipation of a fresh new day and all of the wonders it will reveal

:: you, who step into this sacred space with me

In this moment, what are you grateful for?

rainbow toes