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broccoli and red onion fritatta topped with local artisan breakfast sausage alongside sauteed spinach and sweet red bell peppers

pumpkin walnut bread

moist and delicious paleo pumpkin walnut bread sliced and ready for devouring

creamed spinach

coconut milk creamed spinach with fresh lemon juice and a generous helping of bacon smoked locally by our friend Greg

purple plate

red cabbage and spinach sauteed in bacon fat topped with a beautiful sunnyside up egg

brunch from above

brunch! bacon, spinach and tomatoes sauteed in the drippings, fried eggs and apple ‘fries’ dusted with cinnamon then topped off with plump chewy raisins

zen chili

warm and filling Zen chili, made with love by Eric, topped with a perfectly ripe avocado

paleo pancakes

a paleo breakthrough! light and fluffy almond flour pancakes topped with a strawberry and fresh lemon reduction, toasted coconut flakes and lemon zest

pretty pig

ham from our favorite butcher, Lothar, cubed and sauteed with a single delicious pea shoot on top

pomegranate love

freshly plucked pomegranate seeds and clementine pieces make this simple citrus salad juicy and amazing

heavenly hash

we made sweet potato, onion and sausage hash then decided to break a few eggs right into the skillet! this is what was left the next morning, an avocado makes these left-overs complete

mousse! mousse!

coconut milk, almond butter and cocoa mousse topped with bananas fried in coconut oil, salted walnuts and a few pomegranate seeds. can you say yum?!


Oh, how my mouth is watering… I believe that nourishing our bodies and our spirits are among my most important responsibilities as a parent. Every delicious meal means another full belly ready to take on the day. This food is my gift to my family, every day. We don’t spend our money on fancy cars or designer clothes, we choose instead to focus our resources on nourishing ourselves with pure, whole foods. All of these scrumptious images were taken by me on my iPhone 4 and came directly from my Instagram feed. They are only the icing on the cake, so to speak. I post many drool-worthy images of the food both Eric and I create every day. I encourage you to follow me (@cedarmama) or to drop by my gallery to browse if you are curious to learn more about where I find my inspiration or for the links to many of the recipes I use. I love the wonderful community of encouragement and support I’ve found there — you are most welcome to join our foodie tribe!



a tower of paleo goodness! sweet potato hash browns, sauteed spinach and red onions with a baked ham and egg “muffin” to top it off.


a quick mid-morning snack, juicy organic raspberries, pistachios and slivered apricots drizzled with local raw honey. so. good.