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I am most myself when I am centered in a creative space. I see and feel the world differently. I am more open, more grateful, more passionate. I remain more aware of the wonder that surrounds me. Reading transports me both far away and deep within. Crochet is my meditation. It soothes the rough edges of my busy days. Please join me as I share the pages I have been turning and the yarn I have been hooking this week.


I am so grateful to again connect with the wonderful community of knitters and crocheters Ginny gathers together with her yarn along each week.


yarn bomb

I am a firm believer that the Universe has a way of exposing us to what we need in our lives. These gifts from the Universe may be big or small, serious or lighthearted, life changing or sweet simple reminders. I simply try to recognize these messages when they come my way. Several weeks ago I was aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed when I stumbled upon this link to an article about yarn bombing in Detroit. A group of crocheters called The Happy Hookers (don’t you just love that?) created a giant scarf and draped it around a well-recognized statue of Passo di Danza in an effort to raise awareness of the homeless population and their struggle to stay warm during these bitter cold winter months. I was moved by the idea of such a large and public installation of crochet and its ability to create awareness. Crochet and art and politics all together — awesome!

Then, just a few days later, I was catching up on one of my very favorite blogs, Walk Slowly Live Wildly, and saw Sarah’s post about yarn bombing her backyard. I was hooked (I know, such a predictable pun from a crocheter…)! I immediately ordered the book pictured above, Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti and pulled my yarn stash out of the box in the basement. I finally knew exactly what to do with all of the icky acrylic yarn I had been collecting for years. I was so inspired by the beautiful images and patterns in this book I put my hook to work immediately. I decided to yarn bomb the suburbs!

naked tree

sewing the tree sweater

helping hands

cozy tree

After a couple of late nights and yards and yards and yards of long forgotten yarn, I had created a very respectable crocodile stitch sweater for our front tree. My girls and I sewed it on this past Sunday evening with the sun setting and the temperatures dropping. They were so excited that our much loved tree would finally be warm and cozy. I have to admit, I feel pretty satisfied about it too. Not only is our tree wrapped in warmth, but this feels like our, if ever so small, protest against the homogeneous nature of the suburbs we live in. This is our little expression of rebellion. It makes me giggle with glee. We’ll see how long the homeowners association tolerates our difference — they don’t like different. At. All. For now, I’ll continue to smile every time I pull up in the car or peek through our front window and see our yarn bomb in the suburbs.

colorful protest

I still have quite a bit of lower quality yarn that I want to use up, so this sweater may get a sleeve, or two or three, in the future. I’ll keep you posted!


My mind quiets and my well fills when I am engaged with a good book or when my hands are busy creating something beautiful. If you feel moved to share what you have been reading or creating, please leave a link in the comments below so we may revel in each other’s creative pursuits.