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I am most myself when I am centered in a creative space. I see and feel the world differently. I am more open, more grateful, more passionate. I remain more aware of the wonder that surrounds me. Reading transports me both far away and deep within. Crochet is my meditation. It soothes the rough edges of my busy days. Please join me as I share the pages I have been turning and the yarn I have been hooking this week.


I am so grateful to again connect with the wonderful community of knitters and crocheters Ginny gathers together with her yarn along each week.


comfy cozy

pretty snow

A dense, cool, fog settled over our small part of the universe almost a week ago. It feels heavy and ominous. Everything is soft-edged and blurry. Dulled. Weighed down. I must confess, I have been struggling. Our sweet Freja has been very ill, and although she is healing well, the effort to care for such a very sick little one is exhausting. I am so grateful that I am able to be home with her during the day to snuggle with her, feed her, administer her breathing treatments and antibiotics, to be her source of comfort during her convalescence. Yet, with the demands of her illness, my evenings spent in the restaurant, and the everyday busy goings on of our family I am, simply put, very tired. Oh, my life is full.

Late at night, with sick babes safely tucked in bed, I have been seeking solace in some of my favorite music, breathing deeply and working my crochet hook. These simple acts do so much to nurture my mind and my spirit. I have been hooking very simple projects – some cute coffee cozies – that don’t require much counting, so that I can just settle into the rhythm of the work. Through, loop, pull, through, loop, pull. A pretty flower, a snowflake, a beautiful button. Simple things to lighten my spirit.

I finally ordered An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin. He is such a creative spirit and I adore him. His humor, his intellect, his banjo playing, all of it. I have been looking forward to this novel with great anticipation. Last night I drew a hot bath and was ready to settle in for a good soak and a long read. I fell asleep three pages in. Oh, well. I am looking forward to making some time in the next few days, while I am off work, to curl up with a hot cup of peppermint tea and really linger over these pages of well-crafted prose and timeless artwork. (Full color reproductions of famous works are included as part of this novel. How yummy.) A good book is soul medicine.

Heal we will, my little Freja and I.

my meditation


My mind quiets and my well fills when I am engaged with a good book or when my hands are busy creating something beautiful. If you feel moved to share what you have been reading or creating, please leave a link in the comments below so we may revel in each other’s creative pursuits.