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I think that we may finally be on the mend around here. We are still in various states of illness, and our house has completely come apart at the seams, but the overall trend seems to be improving. This morning, Freja and I found ourselves all alone for the first time in weeks – the big kids were off at school and Willow had a play date before her kindergarten class – so we decided to step outside of our petri dish of a home and get some fresh air. I took a risk and headed to a park I had never explored before, but that I had heard glowing things about: Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park. What a beautiful treasure! This is now my very, very favorite bit of nearby wilderness.

Freja and I were barely out of the minivan when we encountered a lovely woman trying to find a good place to relocate a sweet little turtle that had wandered onto the nearby (very busy) road. She was pressed for time, but was determined to find a safe place for this rogue traveler, so Freja and I happily volunteered to be turtle rescuers for the afternoon. He was very shy, but after he had been undisturbed for a while on the river bank, he did poke his little nose out of his shell and begin to explore the environment around him just a bit. There was ample water and mud and shelter for our new reptile friend, so I’m hopeful he is adjusting well to his new neighborhood. We wish him all the best!

On the way to and from the river we soaked in the experience of our lush surroundings, so teeming with life, and noticed many left behind signs of the wild things that live among the forest. The light was soft and subtle and warm. The ground was still the slightest bit moist from a sprinkling of rain that fell earlier in the day, hushing our footfalls. Every leaf on every living plant was vibrant and green and alive. I felt so grateful to be out of bed and swaddled in the sweet safety of nature again. Oh, the smells and sounds and sights of the forest, how healing you are.

I have been dreaming of deep, dark, sweet wild strawberries lately. I even posted an image on my Facebook page the other day, they were so on my mind. Look at what I found – I’m so excited!

I will be going back to forage for more as they continue to ripen. My children deserve to know what a real strawberry tastes like. Yum.


In order to maintain balance in my life, I am feeling the need to lessen the frequency of my postings here at Less & More. Don’t fret! Instead of posting almost daily, my intention is to post two to three times a week moving forward. I value each and every one of you so, I want to offer you quality over quantity. That’s what this humble blog of mine is all about!