Hipstamatic photo by Eric

I had big plans for a thoughtful post today, but I’m sick and have been on and off all week. We picked up a nasty upper respiratory virus somewhere and are having the hardest time shaking it. This means, for all intents and purposes, my brain has gone to mush. We are in full-on survival mode, just trying to keep the kids fed and the house from imploding – it’s debatable whether or not we have been succeeding at the later. My camera has been sitting untouched on it’s perch in the kitchen and this blog has been sadly neglected. I’m sorry.

Although I haven’t been terribly coherent, I have been doing a lot of soul searching the last few days (who knows, it may all be fever induced…) and have lots of bits and pieces of blog posts scribbled here and there. Unfortunately, I have had zero capacity to flesh them out in any sort of meaningful way. I feel like I have so much to share with you, but I am simply unable to organize my thoughts, what with all the goo and ick in my head at the moment. Bleh.

A late night spent falling down a rabbit hole on the internet, and a passionate discussion with Eric – don’t think fight, think beautiful exchange of ideas – has led me to some startling personal revelations that I feel moved to share, but I need to sort them all out so I can articulate them clearly to you. These thoughts about religion and spirituality and rationality require my thoughts to be fully present, not the muddled musing of the infirm. So… soon, not now. I probably wouldn’t make much sense, anyway.

I’m still here. I’m still doing what I do, but in the circular and confused way of a tired and sick parent. I’m going to drink a lot of water, do a lot of snuggling and get myself well. If you want to stay in touch with me, please join me on Facebook and look for my Instagram photos on Twitter – I haven’t gone completely underground!