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My intention is to take time every Wednesday to share with you what I have been creating and the pages I have been turning. My hope is that this will open up a space to help build community here at less & more. I would love to hear about the books you have been reading and to see the projects that have been keeping your hands busy!

This week I’m joining Ginny in her Yarn Along, but I probably won’t every week. I like to dive deeply into one type of project, leave it for a bit to pursue something else, then find my way back. I’ll use this space to display whatever I’m working on each week.

I read Dylan Thomas when I am in a certain mood. His dark and brooding words transport me. His verses take me back to a time in my life filled with smokey coffee shops and late, late nights. A time filled with scribbles in leather bound journals and well-worn denim. A time of independence and freedom and interesting conversations with strangers. Oh, how my melancholy soul loves Dylan Thomas. It’s been a long few days with Eric off traveling for work, cold gray rainy weather, and me still playing tug-of-war with a cold. So, my Dylan Thomas found his way to my bedside, in all of his dark and seething glory. A strange bedfellow indeed.

While I have been indulging my angsty tendencies by night, I am still required to be Mama by day. So it is in life, I suppose. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in laundry and baths and homework and reading about chickens with my little people. We have recently become friends with a family that has a small backyard flock and, as a result, our family has been stricken with a little chicken fever. Luckily, it’s not catching! I found this illustrated guide to chickens that makes it fun for everyone to get involved. My younger ones admire the illustrations while my older ones enjoy reading about the different personalities and character traits of the assorted breeds. We have unanimously fallen in love with the Faverolles and the Orpingtons. Someday, we hope to have our very own flock of big, silly, fluffy and gentle hens – maybe we’ll even toss in a sassy rooster to keep things interesting.

As for what has been on my crochet hook this week, I am still diligently trying to finish this hat, but am finding it to be so much more work than I ever imagined. I am invested in seeing to through to completion – however long that may take. (Can you feel my jaw clenching?) I have had to resign myself to the fact that the baby I intended it for may never actually wear it. Sigh.

On a brighter note, I have been enjoying making some fun sherbet colored washcloths that are just the right size for little bodies and faces. I originally purchased this ridiculous yarn for something else but couldn’t stand it – it just wasn’t the right yarn for that particular project. It was set aside until, during one of my little girls’ marathon bathing sessions, I noticed that they were struggling with the normal adult sized washcloths. Their sweet little hands couldn’t wrangle them in a useful way, so I decided to use this misfit yarn to make them some little people sized washcloths. Each one takes about forty-five minutes so they are piling up fast and furious. I can’t wait to see them in use in the tub – Freja tells me they would be good for use as pony boats. Ha!

What a weird concoction I am – a Dylan Thomas reading, silly chicken loving, little washcloth making Mama. That’s me.

Weird, and just right.