I am…

:: grateful for the rain that fell so cold and wet yesterday. I could almost hear the plants and trees and flowers stretch up to great it as the Earth sighed in relief.

:: treasuring the image of Sage splish-splashing in the puddles. She is joyful wherever she finds herself. I admire her so.

:: excited to reveal my latest project to you… Soon, very soon!

:: woke up with thoughts of sweet new babies on my mind. I miss the smell and feel of little tiny people so much, I simply burst with excitement when I learn of friends who are growing precious seeds in their bellies.

:: comforted by the rhythmic sounds of my washer and dryer – they are my constant parenting companions.

:: hearing all sorts of interesting sounds wafting up from our art space. I wonder what they are up to down there?

:: looking forward to spending some grown-up time with a good friend this evening after my little people have been tucked into bed. Hot tea and meaningful conversation, here I come!

:: missing my sweet hubby and hope he is relishing in the pleasure of travel to far off places.

:: thinking it may be time to finally corner Oliver and plop him in a bath. Our scruffy dog is getting a bit too scruffy, even for me.

:: craving a big bowl of crunchy sweet granola warm from the oven. I wonder if I have enough coconut to whip up a quick batch?

:: realizing it has been way too long since I’ve read a really-juicy-can’t-put-it-down kind of book. Any suggestions?

:: longing for a good stretch and the smell of sweet sandalwood. I think it is time to unfurl my yoga mat, light some incense, and salute the sun – even if it is veiled behind a layer of smokey grey clouds.

:: am being visited by a freshly minted four-year-old who wants me to play pretend with her. Of course I will be the lion, Freja, of course I will. Roar!

:: wishing you a lovely day filled with beautiful moments.