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a beautiful vintage Bina harmonium


~~Gopala Gopala Devaki Nandana Gopala~~

I have fallen deeply in love with kirtan. My soul is lifted up by the sound of this sacred music. I feel a new freedom to smile, to cry, to laugh and to dance when I am surrounded by the swirling energy of so many voices singing out together. I offer my voice in kirtan as I never have before – I sing freely from my heart.

The beautiful steady drone of a harmonium. The crystal clear ringing of the kartals. The heart-filling vibrations of my own voice. These are sacred sounds. These are transformational sounds. This music I never even knew existed until recently fills my ears and my soul and my heart in such a complete and unexpected way – it is purifying and energizing and joyful. I carry it with me for days afterward. I feel so open and safe within this newfound community of gentle souls who gather together in gratitude.

Oh, yoga is so much more than I ever knew.

Many thanks to Krista of Be Yoga in Sterling, VA for building her beautiful yurt and for gathering us together. Thanks also to my friend Casey for picking up my camera and capturing these images of me.

~~Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ~~