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We celebrated Sage’s birthday this past Friday. My sweet little girl turned nine. Nine years old and completely amazing. I am not very often found without words, but somehow this child and her spirit humble me everyday. I sit in awe of her. She requires an extraordinary mother and I am doing my very best to be the mother she needs each and every day. This is not easy. Some days I feel like I have risen up and succeeded, other days I feel like I have fallen down low and completely failed – that is the way of this parenting thing, I suppose. Sage and I are figuring this out as we go, one day at a time.

What an amazing journey we are on together.

My sweet Sage overflows with abundant energy, fearless creativity and an unparalleled  ability to live in the present moment. She is smart and funny and truly kind. She is a natural leader and the first to take a stand against injustice. She twirls her hair and is always the first one up in the morning. She and I are so alike, but still so very, very different. She sings silly songs all the time.

Sage has wholeheartedly embraced our new, simpler lifestyle and took an unusually long time to think about how she wanted to celebrate her birthday this year. After serious deliberation, she finally revealed her birthday requests and again, I was left in awe of how perfectly in tune she is with herself. She knows exactly what makes her happy – a skill I am still trying to figure out. She decided that turning nine required a very chocolate cake, one friend to spend the night – so they could camp in the basement, eat fish tacos and roast marshmallows – and her very own blog. She explained to me that she wanted good food, a good friend and her very own space to create in. Well, then.

The chocolate cake was a dairy-free gluten-free delight and the fish tacos were delicious. She was thrilled with the unexpected gifts of a brand new journal for jotting down all of her blogging ideas and her very own memory card to use in our old point and shoot camera. She hasn’t stopped snapping pictures since! Her blog is in the works and will be revealed to you soon. She is taking this new responsibility very seriously and has been writing and editing with intensity. I can not wait to see what she has been up to.

It was a simple birthday celebration and it was perfectly Sage. We ate good food, we played, we laughed, and we honored Sage and all that she adds to our family. I would not be the mother, nor the person, I am today without her in my life. She has helped me to learn and stretch and grow in so many unexpected ways. I love you so much my amazing daughter. Happy ninth birthday dear, dear Sage.