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I always wonder what someone is really like when no one else is watching. What happens when they are all alone, safely tucked away from public viewing? Why do so many of us devote so much of our precious time and energy into putting on a good show for the world, when it is the truth of us that truly needs to be shared? Without pretense, without affect, without ego – who are you? For that matter, without pretense, without affect, without ego – who am I? Who are we?

The following images are of us doing what we do, looking like we look. Within our own four walls…

crafty checkers players

still in jammies pancake makers

pull all of the toys out babydoll lovers

after school snugglers

Easter morning pouters

forget the nap high flyers

What are you like when no one is watching – when you are safely nestled away within your own four walls? Is your son a crafty checkers shark too? Do you like to make pancakes in your husband’s comfy t-shirt? Do your kids storm around and stomp and pout like mine? Does the sound of your baby’s laughter remind you to relax into a silly moment and just smile?

Oh, this life we live. I think the trick is to become so ourselves that – whether we are safely nestled away, or completely on public display – we are always easily and confidently ourselves. Y’know, nothing major, just absolute integrity and complete authenticity. Little stuff, really.