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It is early on a cool and sunny Tuesday morning. In these early hours, spring feels how spring is supposed to feel – the grass is cold and wet, the light is quiet magic coming through the windows. The day is fresh and full of opportunity.

In this moment, I…

…am still tired from a short night’s sleep, but my heart is happier for having decided to stay up late and opening the space to get to know a new friend a little better. Time spent with friends is never regretted.

…am so grateful for the new friends I am making and the community that is accepting me just as I am. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

…am excited for our future, but am also feeling a little worn by all of the work. Change is tough, even when it is good. And it’s really good. I need to get back into nature – get grounded.

…am gaining momentum on the support group I will be facilitating surrounding our emotional and spiritual relationship to food. Yummy stuff. Soul work.

…am noticing all of the dried tree petals all over our floor. They were beautiful and thoroughly celebrated, but it’s time for some sweeping and vacuuming. The trees are moving on and so must I.

…am looking forward to seeing and smelling a brand new little one again this evening. Babies bring me such a sweet and simple joy. They are embodied love.

…am feeling like I’m kinda getting into a groove with this blogging thing. The words have been flowing without quite as much effort these days. I look forward to the time I spend with you here in this space more and more every day.

…am so excited to reconnect with some of my very dearest friends in just a few short days. Our babies bonded us together, I believe, because they knew we needed each other. Such wise children we have.

…need to drink more water. A lot more water. I’m supposed to be reading a book about this. Hmmm. What was that title?

…am hearing the sounds of children coming to life in the next room. Their quiet gentle voices in the morning are so different from the loud raucous noises that surround me later in the day. Thanks for letting me ease into it, kiddos.

…am hoping that my dear Willow is more herself today. That tummy bug really took the wind out of her sails. Here’s to hearty meals and another restorative day together!

…better get ready for our ‘Morning Snuggles.’ The day just wouldn’t feel right if it didn’t begin by snuggling up with these sweet little spirits. My bed will always be their bed, too.

…am wishing you a peaceful and joy filled day!

~ Blessings ~