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I experience my world mostly through my eyes. I see my world, rather than feel it or hear it. Experiencing my world though my heart and my body doesn’t come as naturally. I work on developing those skills as daily practice – learning to trust my other senses. But pictures – images – now, those are my native language. If I can see it, I can understand it. If you can show it to me, it is forever in my mind.

With all of the intentional changes we are making it feels easy to loose focus, to get caught up in the details. Life is in the details, I know. It is all of the small choices we make in our day-to-day journeys that determine our ultimate destination – to buy this or not to buy this, to eat this or not to eat this, to say this or not to say this, to do this or not to do this. All of these small choices are so important, but I have been feeling a need to find a way to keep the bigger picture in focus. I wanted something to lift me up as I move through all of the mundane and small tasks that are so necessary for progress. This need has manifested as our vision board.

We have had a bulletin board hanging in our kitchen for ages. It has been collecting this and that from the kids – a few school announcements, a few stickers, post-its and the like. Y’know, the detritus of a busy family. Today, I finally cleaned it off and set out to create a visual oasis. A space dedicated to our dreams and hopes and experiences as a family. I printed some of my very favorite personal photographs, as well as several images I found online that are pure inspiration, and pinned them up with a few pretty labels. These images are of us at our best and of the life we are moving toward. The life we dream of. The life we are acting intentionally to achieve.

Now, even in the thick of it – in the middle of making dinner, or tending a scraped knee – I can take a breath, look at the vision board, and be reassured.

It is my visual mantra.

I intend to add to this board as I discover more sources of inspiration. Maybe a few pictures clipped from a magazine or a poem copied from a favorite book. A piece of fabric or a flower or a feather – who knows? This is just the beginning.