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A Poem For Mama
By: Sage


When you feel bad
I feel bad too
My brain is full of icky goo
I have germs in my tummy
No food seems to look yummy
But Funny Bone
still believes
you can out-medicine the evil health thief
Medicines to and fro now
There is no bad way to go now


Such sweet and wise and loving words from my child, my Sagie.

The last time I met with the doctor who is guiding me through my journey with Lyme Disease, we agreed that after I finished my current course of antibiotics I would take a small break from them – a break meant to last only a few days as trial to see how my body responds, to evaluate where I am in my treatment.

I took my last dose Sunday night. It’s been downhill from there. Today I am in a full-fledged Lyme flare. My head aches, my body aches, my stomach is uneasy, my thoughts are muddled and circular. Ugh.

Upon finding me in this state after school Sage disappeared for a few long minutes. She usually processes loudly and openly, so this was unusual for her. I wondered in my foggy mind what she was up to.

She was writing me this beautiful poem.

She somehow found the words to express exactly where I am at today. My body feels low, ground down and achy, but my spirit is still resilient and full of hope. Sage has a way of seeing to the truth of me – straight to my soul – so her words reassured me. I am going to be okay. I do believe that I will rise above this mysterious disease. In time, in time.

Because of how I am feeling today I now know that I am not ready to be off of the antibiotics. Not yet. That’s okay. I see my doctor on Thursday and we will reevaluate my situation. Perhaps a new antibiotic, or several of them. Maybe a new supplement or two. An elimination diet to fine-tune my nutrition? Maybe we finally need to seriously consider IV treatment. I feel like I am ready to get down and dirty. I am ready to get to the tough stuff. Lyme, you have met your match.

I will breathe and move through this, as I have before. With renewed energy and the love of my sweet girl Lyme doesn’t stand a chance.


The infection rate of Lyme Disease is now outpacing that of HIV/AIDS, it is often misdiagnosed, and it is found everywhere in the United States. In some studies, fewer than 15% of those infected ever remember being bitten by a tick. It is so very important to become informed so that you can take the necessary measures to protect yourself and your family. The International Lyme and Associated Disease Society has a wealth of information available on their website. I strongly encourage you to empower yourself. Lyme Disease has changed the course of my life. Please, get informed!