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I was inspired by this image that one of my friends posted on Facebook to make something special for Valentine’s Day. I thought it might be fun to make a few of our own flyers to put up around our neighborhood. The kids thought it was a splendid idea and jumped right in.

My sweet little leftie.

Look at all that love ready to share!

We were quite a sight making our way through the neighborhood.

Freja was singing Sweet Baby James, her favorite lullaby, for all to enjoy.

I wonder if anyone will take one? I can’t wait to find out!


In honor of sharing some love on this most romantic of days, I’ve made our Valentine’s Day flyer available as a free downloadable PDF. It’s my gift to you. Have fun today – be a Valentine’s Day Fairy! Sprinkle some love wherever the day may take you. I can imagine this little flyer being a welcome surprise in so many places – an office bulletin board, a school cafeteria, a light post, a public bathroom, the grocery store, an elevator, the kitchen refrigerator – the possibilities are limitless for love.

Print it. Post it! (Snap a photo and share it here?)

Just remember to pull a tab or two and stash them in your pocket for a little self-love, and to give permission to all who see it to take one for themselves.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our family to you!