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Our weekend was a full one. They all are really, with so much being together as a family.

We spent hours on Saturday running errands. We are going all together now, so that we can share the experience and the decision making. We value our precious family time so much, we have decided to just accept that these trips out into the big wide world need to be made and to brave them together. Grocery shopping in particular overwhelms me, so having Eric along to direct the hunting and gathering makes it much less stressful (and much more on-budget). Oh, how I am getting so many opportunities to practice being present, loving and kind.

We ventured to World Market searching for some pretty new cloth linens, as we have decided to phase out the use of paper products in our kitchen. The volume of paper towels we go through is ridiculous! Every meal is a sacred occasion, so why not use fancy napkins? We spent as much as we normally would have on one of those huge bundles of paper towels from Costco on these charming cloth cocktail napkins to be used over and over again. Willow and I were both easily distracted by all of the pretty sparkly things in the store… Silly us.

(sleepy photos by Eric)

After spending so much time shopping, we all took some time to recover from the complete over-stimulation in our own ways. Freja and I snuggled up and fell sound asleep. For hours. Ah, bliss. Jarl took some time to reconnect with his beloved Legos. Eric made some delicious snacks for all of us to share.

As an aside – Eric and I have decided that we will be eating animal protein in only one family meal each week. This decision will allow us to purchase only humanely raised (hopefully local and organic) meat for our family and to focus more on the plant based diet that nourishes us so well. Our conscience is lighter already.

Eric and I joke that this honey is habit forming. I grabbed a jar of this local raw honey as a small gift for him a few shopping trips ago – I think that we are eating our way though our third or fourth jar now. We have to hide it high out of reach of the children or we find them huddled around it with spoons in their hands and sticky smiles on their faces. I look forward to my tea after dinner so much more now. Mmmm, chai with almond milk and yummy gooey raw honey.

I have started collecting essential oils, aren’t they lovely? I bring a new one home with me every time I make a trip to the local health food store – they are so expensive I have to pace myself. So far I have lavender, bergamot and tea tree in my stash. I love a few drops in my bath water at the end of the day or in the new hair wash I am making from scratch for my sweet baby dreadlocks.

These little lovelies are my new very favorite thing. They are perfume solids made by Auric Blends. A friend gave me one for Christmas this year and I have discovered that they make over a dozen lucious scents. I was given Patchouli (I know, I’m a hippie at heart) and I just couldn’t resist Love with Valentines Day approaching. They are small (smaller than an egg), pretty (carved stone), all natural (beeswax and essential oils) and inexpensive ($8.00!). I know that we are working hard to release so many unnecessary things from our home, but these new additions are soothing to my soul. They make me smile, and I don’t mind that Eric likes to nuzzle my neck a little more when I wear them…

A lovely weekend, indeed.