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My hands have been busy this week and the stack of books by my bedside has been steadily growing. My intention is to take time every Wednesday to share with you what I have been creating and the pages I have been turning. My hope is that this will open up a space to help build community here at less & more. I would love to hear about the books at your bedside and see the projects that have been keeping your hands busy!

This week I’m joining Ginny in her Yarn Along, but I probably won’t every week. I like to dive deeply into one type of project, leave it for a bit to pursue something else, then find my way back. I’ll use this space to display whatever I’m working on each week.

Do you see my sleeping beauty?

My sweet Freja was all wiggly and chatty this afternoon when I pulled out my crochet supplies. She spent time looking at books and playing with her dolly. We enjoyed talking and giggling until my brows began to furrow and my utter frustration with myself became too much for her gentle disposition. After ripping out the start to the afghan I was attempting for the fourth time, I probably said something along the lines of, “Please let Mama concentrate. This is really hard.” Which was probably followed by something like, “Okay Mama. I’m sleepy anyway.” Which was then most likely followed by a final squirm and a deep sigh. Then a nap. (I’m a little fuzzy one the details, as the conversation I was having in my mind was rather loud.) None of my other children would have even considered a nap in a situation like this as an option. They seem to find a special pleasure in pestering me when I am in the middle of something challenging. They are sly that way – but not Freja – she’s generous like that.

I did try to start (several times) the afghan project I mentioned last week, but my ignorance regarding pattern reading reared it’s ugly head. So frustrating! I just couldn’t get the hang of what I was supposed to be doing. I have been longing for a teacher this week – someone to reassure me and to guide my hands. I wonder if there is an experienced granny in the neighborhood somewhere… Oh, well. I’ll figure it out in time, I suppose.

After letting that all go, I finally settled on making a container to hold all of the dollhouse accessories I continue to trip over in the girl’s room. I decided to modify one of the hat patterns I have experience with, making it larger. It will have a flat bottom about twelve inches across and there will be a rolled lip around the top. I hope it will eventually look something like this. I am making the container out of a deep blue wool that called to me when I was at the store last time. It is made by Cascade Yarns (Deep Sapphire 478) and came in the biggest hank I have ever seen. It’s been fun going around and around on this project with no worry of having to start a new skein. My plan is to finish up the crocheting in the next day or two and then try my hand at washing machine felting for the first time. I think felting it will give the form a sturdier structure and create a lovely canvas for some fun needle felting. At the very least, it will be an adventure, I’m sure. I’ll have to see if the girls have any special requests for the felting.

We finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this past weekend. I never grow tired of Charlie’s story. I even found a passage in one of the Oompa Loompa songs that I would like to make into an art project somehow. Oh, how my wheels are spinning! Now my oldest daughter, Sage, is making an enthusiastic plea for some E.B. White. I realized, when she brought me the book from the shelf, that the only E.B. White I have ever read is Charlotte’s Web. How is that possible? She would like us to read The Trumpet of the Swan. Okay by me! I think it will be fun for us to enjoy this story for the very first time all together as a family.

This last week flew by and felt a little scattered – our routines were off, I think. I’m longing to settle in this week and engage my little people in a new story. Our reading time is always so peaceful at the end of the day. I’m also looking forward to finishing my simple, but hopefully functional and pretty, crochet project. It’s the little things that help me feel grounded.

My mind quiets and my well fills when I am engaged with a good book or when my hands are busy making something beautiful. If you feel moved to share what you have been up to, please leave a link in the comments section so we can revel in each other’s creative pursuits. And maybe even find a couple of books to add to the stack.