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My hands have been busy this week and the stack of books by my bedside has been steadily growing. My intention is to take time every Wednesday to share with you what I have been creating and the pages I have been turning. My hope is that this will open up a space to help build community here at less & more. I would love to hear about the books at your bedside and see the projects that have been keeping your hands busy!

This week I’m joining Ginny in her Yarn Along, but I probably won’t every week. I like to dive deeply into one type of project, leave it for a bit to pursue something else, then find my way back. I’ll use this space to display whatever I’m working on each week.

Yes, I made another hat! Because Willow lost her first one just a few days after it was made, we decided together that she should practice her very best patient waiting skills until I was finished making everyone else’s. She did an amazing job of waiting and was thrilled to discover I was almost finished with her hat today when she arrived home from school.

I bought the yarn for this hat last week and for some reason (my trusty three-year-old distraction, I mean, companion may have had something to do with it) forgot to have the ladies at the store wind the skein for me. So we had to get creative. At first the girls thought this was really fun, but about three minutes into it they punked out and I finished the job while they squirmed on the bed. Silly girls.

As with my other hats, this one came together fairly quickly – just a few hours start to finish. The most time consuming part was working with Willow to choose and place her buttons. She is a very specific little lady. I have no idea where in the gene pool that particular character trait may have come from. Really, no idea. But, somehow we eventually managed to get things just the way she wanted. I am happy to report that she is now satisfactorily all fancied up.

I think I am beginning to feel confident enough to venture out and try a more difficult project next. I am contemplating an afghan pattern I saw on Ravelry that would actually make a really cute throw rug in our reading nook. I have also been trying to work out how I might make a needle felted bracelet for myself. I may play around with that idea this week before I commit to another more involved project. I guess we’ll see what this coming week has in store for me!

As for reading, I sadly had to admit to myself that I wasn’t going to finish The Courts of Love. It was due back at the library and I just couldn’t find the time to involve myself in such a weighty tale. I am hoping to find time to indulge in its rich and winding story sometime in the future. The few pages I did read were lovely.

For now, with all that we have going on, I am content to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory aloud to my little ones. It is truly is one of our favorites – both Eric and I enjoy taking turns drawing them in to the familiar story. On most nights we try to light a fire in the fireplace and get through a chapter or two before we shuffle everyone off to bed. Without our TV, this ritual is gaining traction and Jarl especially looks forward to this quiet family time each evening.

Another week, another hat and a few pages in a favorite book. I’ll take it!

My mind quiets and my well fills when I am engaged with a good book or when my hands are busy making something beautiful. If you feel moved to share what you have been up to, please leave a link in the comments section so we can revel in each other’s creative pursuits. And maybe even find a couple of books to add to the stack.

Just a small note of gratitude as this first month of my blog comes to an end and a new month begins. Thank you all so much for your kind words and loving support! I’ve had over 2200 views and more and more people are finding me every day – your comments are like small unexpected treasures. This is so much more than I could have imagined. I wake up eager to pick up my camera every morning so I can capture the sweet moments of my days and feel so satisfied every evening when I settle in to write about my experiences from such a deep honest place – my heart is so full.