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My hands have been busy this week and the stack of books by my bedside has been steadily growing. My intention is to take time every Wednesday to share with you what I have been creating and the pages I have been turning. My hope is that this will open up a space to help build community here at less & more. I would love to hear about the books at your bedside and see the projects that have been keeping your hands busy!

This week I’m joining a Yarn Along, but I probably won’t every week. I like to dive deeply into one type of project, leave it for a bit to pursue something else, then find my way back. I’ll use this space to display whatever I’m working on each week.


Hats, hats, hats and more hats! This week I have been busy making hats to keep all these little heads warm – I’m ignoring the fact that it is 50° outside right now. I know that at some point actual winter will set in. Most evenings this week, after the kids have been tucked into bed, I have been pulling out my yarn, logging onto Youtube and starting a new hat. They have been quick projects for me, taking just a few hours a piece.

Willow was the first one to receive a bit of Mama’s handy work. She loved it! In fact, she didn’t take it off all weekend. That is, until she left it at the pinewood derby never to be seen again. *sigh*

Sage insisted that her new hat be purple and that it be a beret so she would feel artistic when she wears it. I love this child’s unique spirit. She was very satisfied with the results I produced and has been wearing it to school everyday despite the unusually warm weather here in Northern Virginia.

Freja’s hat took the longest for me to make. It was the first hat I made from a written pattern instead of a video tutorial, and it took a bit of figuring (and ripping out) to get adjusted for her toddler sized head. I enjoyed the felting I did last week so much that I really wanted to do some again this week. Given this stinker’s current obsession with “long neck” dinosaurs, a diplodicus now resides on her warm red wool cap.

We took our time deciding exactly which pattern to make, Jarl and I. After a long search online, we found this hat. He fell in love with the pattern immediately. I was just finishing it up as he arrived home from school today. He sat close by, eating his snack and keeping an eye on me. As soon as it was completed he popped it on his head and hasn’t taken it off yet. I feel all warm and full inside knowing that he adores what I made for him – he can be tough to please.

Somewhere in this flurry of hat making, I even managed to make one for myself – Willow has hijacked it while she waits in eager anticipation for a replacement of her lost treasure. I also squeaked in a ‘practice’ hat the day Willow was home sick. So, all together that makes six hats in the last week. Whew! That’s a lot of hats.

I have been getting to bed much too late, with all of this crocheting, and not reading much at all. I managed a few pages in The Courts of Love, but not many. This next week I am planning to slow my pace way, way down. I get such big bursts of energy when I am learning something new that I often wear myself out. I did it again. It has been a satisfying, if tiring week, though. Last week I had just begun crocheting, and I knew a total of two stiches. This week I made six hats, learned how to crochet in the round, increase, decrease, how to do a front post stitch and how to make three more basic stitches. Not too shabby.

Next week, a lot more reading and maybe a new afghan…


My mind quiets and my well fills when I am engaged with a good book or when my hands are busy making something beautiful. If you feel moved to share what you have been up to, please leave a link in the comments section so we can revel in each other’s creative pursuits. And maybe even find a couple of books to add to the stack.