This day was one filled with moments of chaos, followed by moments of quiet. It was one of those up and down days. Blissful sleep interrupted by a ringing phone, quiet play crashing to an end with a violent fall off a chair, silly happy fantasy cascading into dark tragedy with an unintentionally hurt feeling, a welcome visit from a new neighbor tarnished by distraction and the demands of impatient children.

I struggle on days like these.

I am trying to make it my practice to breath my way out of this sort of frustration – the day hasn’t gone wrong, my expectations of the day have simply not been met. This is a problem I have created inside myself.  I exhale self-imposed disappointment and breath in gratitude. This simple act of being grateful can reframe my entire experience. When I am mindful, moments of joy always appear, even if they are only found in bits and pieces scattered haphazardly throughout a chaotic day. It is these precious moments that lift my spirit and carry me through the not so easy days.

Today I am grateful for many things.

I am grateful for our new dishwasher and an empty sink.
I am grateful for the new stack of books fresh from the library.
I am grateful for our furry companion, Oliver, tangled hair and all.
I am grateful for little hands and little feet and all that they find to explore.
I am grateful for big boxes and washable paint.
I am grateful for imagination.
I am grateful for my children’s humor.
I am grateful for comforting music.
I am grateful for green grass, even if it is covered in ice.



What are you grateful for on this cold January day?