An Announcement…

I am writing this morning to announce that I have removed the reading link at the top of my homepage and have replaced it with Simple Pleasures. This link will now take you to my new Amazon affiliated store. My purpose in creating this store is not to make a lot of money, nor to encourage you to accumulate more stuff. It is simply a way for me to supply information about all of the wonderful resources I turn to again and again, while supporting our journey in a tangible way.

Please be assured, only titles that we as a family are familiar with and feel sincerely excited to share with you will be added to the store. Right now there are just a few books in each category, but I expect this library of sorts to grow and change as we continue on our ever-evolving journey.

I have also decided to donate 25% of the money generated from the store to charity. I believe that any amount of money can do good in the world, be it $5 or $500. I want to involve my children in this giving, so they can begin to recognize the blessings they already have. I think it will be a deeply meaningful experience to research and decide on a worthwhile cause together, to learn what our donation will do to make a positive impact and to see it through. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Many thanks to my amazing husband who stayed up way past his bedtime to finesse the store into a beautiful and uncluttered space. My desire was for it to be simple, peaceful and devoid of extra visual noise – I think he has done exactly that.

Please Enjoy ~ Corey