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These days I feel like we are living in a scientific experiment involving germ mutation. We have four little bodies acting as living, breathing petri dishes. Germs grow, change and evolve at our house. It seems we are always at odds with one nasty germ or another brought home from school on dirty fingers or with random sneezes. Ew. It grosses me out just to think about it. (I’m putting this on the official ‘Reasons to Homeschool’ list.)

This week Jarl and Willow took turns being home sick. It doesn’t take much to convince me to keep the kids home. I don’t believe that what they will miss during one day of school can be that über-critical. Tummy ache? Bad dream in the middle of the night? Sniffles? Feeling off? Just stay home with Mama. I’ll take care of you.

We try to nurture our sick bodies back to health. We view illness as a signal that our amazing bodies are doing exactly what they should be. They are working extra hard, so we need to be extra kind and gentle with them. We fill our days with snuggles – in large warm doses. With quiet –  a blankie or book in hand. With hot tea – chamomile with lemon, if you please. With rest – we all stay in our jammies the whole day, even me. And of course, with a few strong herbs.  We feed and care for ourselves with a heightened mindfulness so that our ailing bodies can heal quickly.

On this particular afternoon, Willow was home and my crochet bag was holding a skein of new yarn itching (Ha! My first wool joke!) to be worked, so we curled up in bed with a stack of books, the computer and my fuzzy new yarn. I have found a wealth of helpful information on Youtube (Thanks for the advice, Becky!) that has been helping me learn more and more about crocheting. I particularly love the tutorials made by Crochet Geek. She does step by step instruction and offers written patterns as well. I’m almost completely visual, so watching someone do something is the best way for me to learn. I’m working my way through her hat patterns with great enthusiasm. I’m having so much fun!

While I was busy concentrating on learning a new stitch (the puff stitch), Willow grabbed the camera and giggled herself silly taking pictures of Mama. The camera looked so big and heavy in her small hands.

Eventually, my sweet feverish girl dozed off and I was able to make some serious progress on my new hat. By the time the big kids clamored into the house after school I was finishing the last few rounds on the band.

Our sick day was a beautiful reminder of how to enjoy simply being present. It was a special little gift wrapped up in a runny nose and a hot sweaty forehead. I had to let go of my plans for the day, the to-do list written and quickly forgotten. I let the laundry piles grow taller and the dishes stack up in the sink, but what a blissful day. Snuggles and yarn, giggles and jammies. A new hat. Those are the very best of medicines.


Above, Sage is modeling this hat that I made with this yarn.