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I am deeply satisfied when I use my hands to create beauty.

Somewhere along the way, as with so many other things, I let this part of me slip away. Well, no longer. My life is richer when my hands are busy and I am actively seeking ways to rediscover my creativity.

I have discovered a beautiful blog called small things and Ginny, the author, is not only an amazing photographer and mother, but she is a gifted fiber artist. I have spent many late-night hours pouring over her work. She inspires me. I like being inspired – it pushes me to be my better self. It helps me find the courage to walk through my mental blocks into unfamiliar territory.

So, yesterday during our family trip to the library, I made a detour to the crafty section. I looked at the knitting books and was immediately overwhelmed. I don’t think I’m ready to take up needles just yet. Knitting is a serious commitment.

After looking through a few more books I was drawn to crochet. Crocheting looked both beautiful and much more manageable. I picked out a couple of beginner titles and headed home excited to make a pilgrimage to the yarn store.

After the big kids were off to school, my little Freja and I made our trip to the cozy little local store called Nature Yarns. I showed a much experienced sales person the basic pattern I chose, from Crocheting for Dummies of all places, and she warmly showed me the fibers that would be suitable. I lingered for a long time in the store just feeling the different textures and soaking in the stunning colors of all that yarn. Freja generously occupied herself with the plush sheep she found in the children’s space.

I like when beauty and practicality are found together in the same object, so I am starting simple. A humble dishcloth. I only knew one lonely stitch before today, but after my hard work, some serious squinting and a hand cramp, I now know another stitch. I’ve doubled my knowledge in just one afternoon!

It was a fun day learning something new. My hands were busy and I have evidence of my work in my simple little cloth. That feels good. Satisfying.

I’m already thinking of what I want to create next…