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I woke up with a sense of dread this morning. I woke to the sound of the dryer running. When that happens I know it is because I have neglected my laundry duties to the point that someone has run out of pants. Pants always seems to be the first thing the people in my house run out of. I must buy too much underwear.

My husband is always the first to rise in our household, not by choice, mind you, but because it’s just what has to happen. I – don’t judge me here – am usually the last one up. I am not a morning person. I hate the scramble to find all the necessary school items, I hate loud noises when I’m not fully awake and I hate laundry, not just in the mornings. I always hate laundry.

So, the pants. Thank goodness Eric always seems to be able to throw a couple of things in the wash really early so that they can be all clean and warm and snuggly before the  child with no pants has to run out the door. They love warm clothes in the morning. Someday it will occur to them that their mother was just resistant to her domestic duties. At least Jarl was toasty as he left for school.

I spent the better part of my morning putting away all the laundry that I ignored from the last round, folding all the clean laundry that had been heaped up on the dryer and sorting the overflowing laundry baskets. It had been two days since I last performed this horrible ritual.

I keep hoping that I will discover some sort of satisfaction in having all of my laundry done. Nope. Hasn’t happened. I would rather spend my time doing anything but dealing with clothes. Anything. Someday my laundry monster may swallow me up. It’s a big monster. Six people live here. With pets.

I tried as hard as I could to postpone dealing with my miserable laundry situation so I procrastinated a bit by fixing myself a mighty fine breakfast. My creations are never as involved as the delicious breakfasts my husband prepares, but this was pretty good. (I also hate dirty dishes in the mornings, so I keep things simple.)

I decided to jazz up my usual oatmeal with a couple of sauteed Granny Smith apples, a few raisins, a dash of cinnamon and a handful of walnuts. I topped it all off with some unsweetened almond milk. Gluten free and delicious. I made extra so I can have another treat tomorrow morning.

It was the coldest day of our winter so far, but thankfully the wind that had been whipping around yesterday eased up. After walking Willow to the kindergarten bus, I decided that since we were bundled up anyway, Freja and I would check in with our local creek to see if there was any ice yet. The small stream that runs behind our neighborhood is the one oasis of nature we have found near us. I see a parking lot out my front window. We found a little ice, but the sounds of the stream reminded Freja that she needed to go pee. Right. Now. It was a very short visit to the creek.

I found this right outside our front door when we made it back home. (Just in time.) You can definitely tell which town home is ours when you walk down our street. I’m sure the neighbors just adore us!

After a hectic morning, a mad dash back from the stream and a huge tantrum about how NOT tired my sweet Freja wasn’t, I decided that I would reward myself by hanging some cranes while she slept. I’ve designated the recessed ceiling above our front windows as their space. It’s so exciting to see all of my cranes up on display! We all have our favorites and have fun noticing which ones we have made.

Because I was still busy with my cranes when everyone arrived home from school, the art space became the homework space this evening.

It’s been a frustrating sort of day, so it makes sense that I am irritated with my camera skills. I am a get-this-perfect-right-now-it-doesn’t-matter-if-you’ve-never-done-it-before kind of person, so I have very low tolerance for imperfection. I’m working on it, promise. I am finding it very difficult to capture candids of my family without the flash because, well, they keep moving! I have to figure out a way to get good shots in low light. Maybe I need a better flash that doesn’t wash everything out. Maybe I should read the camera manual.

I’m starting to smell the Thai Red Curry Stir-fry that my hubby is cooking and it is making my mouth water. Two delicious meals in one day. I guess life isn’t all that bad.

I promise to take pictures…