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This morning was a hurried rush to get my big kids off to school on time. I found them breakfast and packed their lunches. I was sad to send them out the door on this very cold January morning. I thought a lot about what would be different if I were homeschooling… Not yet. In time. We pulled them out of school once before during winter vacation in a reactionary attempt to homeschool and we all found ourselves completely overwhelmed. This time around I am trying to be much more thoughtful about the process and am including the children in many of the conversations surrounding this decision. I feel like we need to ease into this. There are still many things to consider. My research continues.

With Jarl and Sage off at school, my little girls, Willow and Freja enjoyed each other’s company playing quietly and I found solace in my cranes. For years I have wanted to fold one thousand paper cranes to honor the Japanese tradition. One afternoon this December I finally got started. The children are all attracted to the brightly colored paper and Willow, although she is only five, seems to have a touch for folding. My goal is to fold all one thousand birds by my thirty-third birthday this March. After doing the math, it averages out to be around eleven cranes a day. Simple enough. I gratefully accept contributions from all of my family members and everyone is embracing this project. Right now my flock is one hundred and fifty three strong.

This afternoon was eerily quiet. I read a few books with Freja, after we sent Willow off to her kindergarten class, then we both dozed all snuggled up together. I woke to find fierce winds and blustery snow flurries swirling around. The violent weather outside was in stark contrast to the quiet peaceful atmosphere inside. I wonder if the kids noticed this first blast of winter from their classrooms?

It felt good to have all of my family collected back in one place this evening. There was a lot of reading, coloring, playing and cooking all happening at the same time. The house felt full, just the way I like it.