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I love when my husband is home in the mornings. Usually he is up before the sun and headed off to work before the birds even start chirping. He does this so that he can be around for a while with the whole family before bedtime. In the evening he helps with the homework, with the baths and he will sometimes cook dinner. But what a treat to have him home in the morning with us! The whole family wakes up slowly and he makes the most delicious breakfasts. They are his specialty. Today I was treated to poached eggs with fried tomatoes and gluten free toast.

We didn’t have much on the agenda for today except the usual things like wash some laundry and pick up around the house, the kind of stuff that lives on my to-do list. We were just lingering around on winter vacation for one more day. Several times today the kids, Jarl especially, bemoaned the fact that they have to head back to school tomorrow. I’m a little sad. This has been a magical time for us together.

The kids were back in full force this morning, a good night’s sleep having been had by all. It seems that we may finally be getting used to having no TV in the house. There was much creativity in the art space and wild silly playing happening everywhere else this morning.

I took the time while they were all occupied to wander around the house straightening up all the little things strewn about. I began to wonder, what value do all these discarded pieces and parts hold in their imaginations? Could a plastic jewel have been a treasure.? Did this feather once belong to a magical bird? What fantastic adventure is held in the pages of this book? It was fun playing with my camera and noticing the simple objects in my house in a different way.

In the afternoon everyone was getting a little restless. Eric and I were trying to clean out our office in the basement and the kids kept demanding our attention. We finally decided to just pack up our cranky kids and get them outside for a while. We used to take little adventures all the time, but somehow got out of the habit. We have been trying to get back out in nature more, which is hard to do here in our claustrophobic suburban neighborhood.

Today we decided to make a short drive (read: short nap) to Points of Rock, Maryland. Unfortunately, since we were there last a huge parking lot has been laid where there once was a lovely grassy field, but we made the best of it. Everyone was either fascinated or terrified of the rail road tracks that run along the walking path. Our walk turned out to be shorter than expected because the wind was bracingly cold!

Tomorrow it is back to the usual routines. School. Work.

It will seem too quiet with everyone scattered here and there…