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Welcoming 2012 quietly…

Today was an unusually quiet day around here punctuated by not so unusual outbursts from exhausted children. Willow made it until midnight last night, but she struggled to make it until 3 o’ clock this afternoon. We spent the morning waking up, eating the most delicious gluten free cinnamon knots (both Sage & I have to be gluten free, Eric just feels better when he is), cleaning last year off in the bath, making a mess in our art space and playing some music. Eric is making strides with his banjo playing and I learned my first four chords on the ukelele. The goal is to be able to play something together… I suppose we would have to agree on a song first. The afternoon was restful and naps were had by most.

(photo by Jarl)

I spent some more time reflecting on our family trip to Great Falls both earlier this week and yesterday and found a few more pictures I wanted to share.

I’m having equal parts fun and frustration getting reacquainted with my digital camera. Once upon a time I was fairly good with a 35mm. Let’s just say it’s been a while. I feel like I am getting a few good shots, but I definitely have TONS to learn. I especially need to work on my skill in low light. I do not like the way my flash washes and flattens everything out and am not yet able to manipulate my camera to reliably capture the moment without it. This should be fun! My camera and I are going to be good friends, I’m sure, but right now we are still getting to know each other.