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A fresh start.

Simple food and time together to ring in the new year.

We luckily had the forethought to make our New Year’s sushi early in the day, anticipating hungry bellies and low energy after our hike at Great Falls National Park this afternoon. We took the scenic route to the Maryland side of the park and enjoyed the awesome power of the water. The kids just about stopped my heart climbing to precarious perches to get the best view of the river, but in the end we all had fun being in the fresh air on the last day of 2011.

The evening was spent eating, reading, snuggling by the fire and folding a few cranes. I’m grateful for all that I learned in 2011 and am eager to continue on this journey of simplification in 2012. This will be a year of big and small changes, I’m sure.

Less stuff, More family.

I’m ready.